This facility’s Health Security has been VERIFIED™ by Sharecare.

Towers at Lotte New York Palace

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This Sharecare VERIFIED™ Health Security certificate is given in recognition of the culture of accountability embodied by Towers at Lotte New York Palace and its employees, contractors, and customers

Sharecare Health Security Verification helps hospitality organizations comply with protocols required to minimize the risk and impact of acute public health events like COVID-19. Our digital tools empower the hospitality industry to address the evolving emotional, educational, clinical, and operational challenges introduced by the pandemic.

In collaboration with our partners, public health experts, and healthcare institutions, Sharecare has provided this organization with a comprehensive checklist of facility-related requirements for ongoing operations to ensure the safety of employees, contractors, and guests. This hotel has affirmed that it abides by relevant guidelines for hygiene and disinfection, social distancing markers, and safety of buildings.